End of 2010…A Toast to 2011

today is a great day | What a year 2010 has been for me.  A toast *raises glass* to:

  • My beloved grandfather.  Who’s still holding strong at 94 years of age.  For years, he has said, “I’m going to live till I’m 100!”  (The power of the mind is awesome!)
  • My beloved children.  Who have kept me on my toes.  For without them, I would have given up, but because of them, my light burns bright.
  • My dad.  Even though he passed away shortly after I met him, he left me with a brother and sisters.  To my newfound siblings, Bill, LouKisha, Billie and Vikki, I love yall!
  • To my siblings Brandon, Mickey, and Telisa, whom I’ve known all my life, I can’t tell you how much you’ve gotten on my nerves…Just kidding! LOL.  Seriously, I love yall for always having my back.  You’re not only siblings but friends I can trust.
  • To my mom, the only person I can call on who won’t charge me a dime to babysit. (well most times)
  • To my BFF, Tiff, who’s sees my first tear, catches the second and stops the third.

To everyone else, I didn’t mention.  You probably pissed me off…you know who you are.  If you know you didn’t piss me off, I’m just sleepy and want to wrap this toast up, drink my drinky drink and go to sleep!  But I love yall!

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One Response

  1. LOL!!! That was such an awesome toast! I’m glad I made the line up! And the toast to Tiff was SOOO beautiful!!! aww BFFs… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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