When an Office Romance is Over…

today is a great day | I liken office romance to spring time. Pussy willows greet our spring-starved eyes.  Our magnolia trees envelop our fragrant, pinkish-white blooms.  And what woman doesn’t like the thrill of a daffodil as it protrudes… with petals of course :).  A wink here, a wink there, and a little flirty flirt seems harmless, right?  Not to mention, since we’re floating on cloud 9, we’re actually happy to go to work and are even more productive.

Most people spend a third or more of their lives in the office or other places of work.  Is it any wonder office romance is rampant?  After all, it’s a non-threatening environment where we have an opportunity to meet potential dating partners.  Unlike a club, you don’t have to rely on first impressions, and, we all know folks can be a wee bit dishonest online.  In an office environment, you see the person every day and you can really get to know them.  So an office romance would be perfect, right?  Wrong!

Based on personal experience, I could easily sum this post up in one to two words: AWKWARD – QUIT.

I learned this lesson in my mid teens.  I used to work in the grocery store, replenishing the salad bar.  ‘He’ worked in the produce department, drove a Mercedes, and wore custom clothing on his days off.  He was fine.  And he had his eye on me.  For about 3 weeks, we flirted with each other.  Boy did I love going to work.  I would spend an inordinate amount of time laying out my outfit and coordinating the perfect accessories, and slathering my body with love potions and lotions.  Yes, it was that serious cuz that man’s swag was on point.

Then one day, he asked me out after work.  It was on and poppin’.  The next few weeks blossomed into a beautiful romance.  Then, it gradually started to fade.  I would go to work mad because the night before, we argued on the phone.  The roses I was once surprised with 3 times a week, all of a sudden stopped.  The text messages were not returned.  The winks and “accidental brush-ups behind me” were now being directed to the new girl on the register.   Not sure if my mind was playing tricks on me but I felt like everyone on the job knew of our romance.

Just like that, it was over.  No remnants.  I couldn’t stand him.  His swag seemed to turn to flab.  His confidence turned to arrogance.  What could I do?  He was closer with the manager than I was, so I couldn’t tell on him.  I was pissed.  Suddenly, working at the grocery store was unbearable… so I quit.  (Thank goodness it was just a lil summer job.  I could quit with no problem, as I was just a teen with absolutely no bills.)

So many people treat their jobs as their primary social outlet.  They hang out with the same people working in the same field.  Such incestuous relations are inevitably social dead ends.  In my opinion, office romance is just a recipe for disaster.

This YouTube video will shed some light on an office romance gone bad.  If not, it’s sure to give you a laugh…

Think twice before you go all goo goo ga ga over that fine specimen of a man/woman called your boss or co-worker.  Oh, and that goes for the janitor too!

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Money Monday: How to Overcome Poverty Consciousness

today is a great day | Okay, so I’ve decided Mondays will now be my “Money Monday” posts where I drop some knowledge, lessons, personal anti-climactic experiences and successes with the almighty dollar.  I’m currently doing research on the history of money and how it relates to blacks, esoterically.  I’ll try to post that next Monday.  But today, I wanted to shed some light on why the hell most people stay broke.

Have you wondered why people who win the lottery or make large sums of money go broke in record breaking times?  Well, generally, it’s because they have a poverty consciousness.  I personally know folks that will swear up and down, they do not have a poverty consciousness.  Of course, they know what it is, but are completely oblivious to the fact that they have it.

First off, poverty consciousness is the set of attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and values associated with material lack or fear of material lack, that has been ingrained in your subconscious mind over a period of time.  When this poverty is firmly planted into your subconscious, it becomes your reality… what you visually see around you, in the form of circumstances, events, etc.  If you follow me on twitter, I’m sure you’ve noticed I tweet a lot on the power of your subconscious mind.

“Prosperity is not just having things.
It is the consciousness that attracts the things.
Prosperity is a way of living and thinking,
and not just having money or things.
Poverty is a way of living and thinking,
and not just a lack of money or things.

—Eric Butterworth

It’s relatively easy to see if you have a poverty consciousness.  I’ve listed a few attitudes and beliefs below.  By no means is it an exhaustive list.  If you’ve ever said, believe, or remember your mama saying it day in, day out, then you have a poverty consciousness:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • I’m poor, but at least I’m happy.
  • I can’t afford that.
  • You can’t have it all.
  • Be realistic.
  • Save, save, save!
  • You never know what will happen down the road.
  • Get a job. **looks for entry level position**
  • A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Clean your plate. Don’t waste that food. Don’t you know there are starving people in the world!
  • A fool and his money…
  • Dag, some people have all the luck.
  • It’s always somebody in Utah, or some midwest state, winning the lottery.
  • Money can’t buy happiness.
  • Money can’t buy love.
  • Not everyone is meant to be rich.
  • You gotta have money to make money./It takes money to make money.
  • Rich people are unhappy.
  • Everybody in the world can’t be millionaires.
  • I don’t have to be a billionaire like Gates, I’ll be happy with a couple of thousand.
  • People with money are evil and wicked.
  • Now that he got money, he think he all that! SMH – Some people don’t need money.
  • You have to be smart to be rich.
  • I didn’t finish high school./I didn’t graduate from college.
  • I don’t have any rich friends.  Who’s gonna put me on?
  • Everyone can’t be a millionaire.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Rich people are crooks.
  • Money corrupts the soul.

Hear ye, hear ye:  If you have parted your lips and said any of this, you have a poverty consciousness.  And, more often than not, your a$$ stay broke or you get money and it seems to evaporate… as soon as you get it.  I’m not pointing the finger, because I’ve been in the same boat.  Hell, even today, I have to consciously reiterate wealth and abundance affirmations to myself. [mental note to self: Don’t say “hell”, say “heaven”]

“Don’t wait for a new world order.  Instead, envision your world now with new eyes.”
-yours truly 🙂

I’ve noticed many people, including myself at times, lack the mental ability or wherewithal to hang in there during tough times. When you’re overwhelmed with credit card debt or the lights get cut off, Comcast turns the cable off, AT&T or Verizon cuts the cell phone off, internet gets cut off, no gas money for the car, or the rent is 5 days past due cuz you short $300, you forget you can control your thoughts.  I’ve read countless mind empowering books and they all make it seem so easy.  Not really.  It’s only easy when you are in a calm state of mind.  But right in the midst of adversity, that sh*t goes right out the window!  Sitting there worrying and panicking… except for those that say f*ck it and roll a blunt. LOL

“The mind in itself, in its own place, can make a hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell.”
-John Milton (whoever he is)

Because I have been in dire straits before, I was determined to figure out a way to turn my poverty consciousness into a prosperity consciousness.  It’s still a work in progress.  After all, I had it for the first 25 years of my life and like all habits, it takes time to reverse.  I made a simple 3-step process that worked and continues to work for me.  And yes, I’m gonna toot my own horn, “toot, toot”  🙂 #donthate

The first step in changing your poverty consciousness into an abundant consciousness is to first admit you have a poverty consciousness.  You won’t be able to change it, if you stay in denial.  Trust me, I know.  It just prolongs the process.

The second step is to challenge or zap those poverty beliefs you’ve had since you were a child.  I’m going to take the poverty beliefs I listed above and show you exactly how to zap them.  Remember, challenge these beliefs EVERY day.

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees. <—[Yes it does, sort of. The bark goes through a process to make paper. Money is paper. So money comes from trees. Say to yourself, “There’s always plenty of money. It grows on trees! Go]
  • I’m poor, but at least I’m happy. <—[Are you really happy? No you’re not! You’re just trying to psych yourself out.  And you know it’s not working.  Say to yourself, “I’m rich, happy and lovin’ it baby!”]
  • I can’t afford that. <—[No you can’t because you said it.  You don’t know you’re powerful, huh?  You can simply “speak” anything into existence.  Life and death can be in the tongue. You obviously can’t fathom this much power, which is probably why you say dumb stuff???  Say to yourself, “I CAN afford it. I’ll just be back later for it.”]
  • You can’t have it all. <—[Who said that? You believed them? You’re a silly rabbit.  Whoever told you that tricked you, so they can sit back and laugh at you make do with so little.  It’s just a game to them and you are the pawn. Wake up.  Say to yourself, “I can have whatever I want. There’s plenty to go around.”]
  • Be realistic. <—[Realistic?  You mean aware or acceptance of reality? Remember, everyone has their own reality which you have nothing to do with.  When someone says that to you, they want you to function in their perceived reality. Be “realistic” for yourself, not someone else.  Say to yourself, “I can really make this happen in my reality, realistically.”]
  • Save, save, save! <—[No. No. No. This is not the way to put money up for a rainy day.  This mentality of “save, save, save” comes from a scarcity mindset… needing to save for fear something will run out.  “Oh noooooo, hoard everything. We won’t have anything for the future if we don’t save!”  #Stopit. #SillyRabbit.  Say to yourself, constantly, “I have so much there’s always so much left over for days ahead!”  This is how you want to approach having money always, from an abundance mindset, not a scarcity one. Big difference.]
  • You never know what will happen down the road. <—[No one does.  Grow up.  Say to yourself, “Today is such a great present.  Everyday is a great present.”  No one, rich or poor, knows what will happen down the road.  If each day is great, and you plant that into your subconscious, you won’t even worry about “down the road”. #realtalk]
  • Get a job. **looks for entry level position** <—[Oh gosh, I think everyone knows how I feel about a job… indentured servitude.  By looking for a job to pay your bills, you are telling your subconscious, “don’t use your infinite power to create abundance for me, I want to be limited with just a little bit, please.”  And your subconscious will much oblige you.  Say to yourself, “My subconscious is a storehouse of wealth. I use my innate talents to create unlimited cash flow.”]
  • A penny saved is a penny earned. <—[You will be much obliged. Your subconscious will create circumstances where you’ll only be able to save pennies after working so hard for them, you silly rabbit!  Say to yourself, “A million saved is a million earned.”  Wouldn’t you rather work for millions than for pennies?]
  • Clean your plate. Don’t waste that food. Don’t you know there are starving people in the world!  <—[Here we go again with the scarcity mindset.  You don’t have to clean your plate.  Eat until your satisfied, if it’s some left, put it in the fridge or throw it away.  You cleaning your plate is not going to make anyone any difference.  You’re not helping someone who’s starving by cleaning your plate, you’re only telling your subconscious mind, “There’s no abundance because others are starving.”  If you’re that concerned with starving folks, go volunteer to feed the hungry and say to yourself, “There is always so much food for everybody.”]
  • A fool and his money…  <—[Me thinks you’re a fool if you don’t want money.  After all, it’s used as the medium of exchange in our society.]
  • Dag, some people have all the luck. <—[Instead of sending your energy over to those people, try redirecting it back to you.  Say to yourself, “Ha! I have all the luck. How you like me now biatch?!”]
  • It’s always somebody in Utah, or some midwest state, winning the lottery. <—[Did your a$$ buy a ticket? No? Well shut up! Buy a ticket and you might win.]
  • Money can’t buy happiness. <—[Let the bank mysteriously deposit $4,874,472 into your bank account.  Let me guess, you’re going to be miserable right?  Don’t be a schmuck!  You’ll be happy you can do whatever you always wanted to do.]
  • Money can’t buy love. <—[But you can sure have fun trying! Eventually, the right one will come along.  Love has nothing to do with money.  Say to yourself, “I love myself.” Love attracts love.]
  • Not everyone is meant to be rich. <—[That’s what some want you to think.  Remember, ‘they’ think of you as pawns.  It wouldn’t be any fun for them if you were happy and living your life in abundance.  Who would entertain them and make them laugh? OF COURSE YOU WERE MEANT TO BE RICH.  The universe IS endlessly abundant.  If it’s endlessly abundant, you can be rich.  Your choice.]
  • You gotta have money to make money./It takes money to make money. <—[No, no you don’t.  I had no money before and walked a dog and got paid.  Even grew it in to a credible, professional luxury concierge service for dogs.  Don’t laugh.  There are some ‘folks’ who treat their dogs better than their kids or equally and pay hefty sums to professionals.  (I’m totally gonna write some “business-in-a-box” type e-books and sell them.  I’m the queen of making a business out of something!)   Anyway, the people who tell you it takes money to make money usually want you to buy something from them.  But who am I to knock the marketing hustle?]
  • Rich people are unhappy. <—[They’re not unhappy because they’re rich.  If they are unhappy it’s because karma is kicking their a$$.  Or, maybe they haven’t learned to love themselves.  Say to yourself, “I’m rich and happy. I so lovie meeeeeee!”]
  • Everybody in the world can’t be millionaires. <—[Why not? There’s an endless supply of money to go around.  It’s just paper… worthless at that.  It has perceived value, not real value. But hey, who am I to argue.  I’ll take it… in large quantities too, I might add.  It’s the medium of exchange… for now.  Say to yourself, “Wow, everybody can be millionaires. Even me!”]
  • I don’t have to be a billionaire like Gates, I’ll be happy with a couple of thousand. <—[And a couple of thousand you shall have.  Have you stopped to think, you said you’ll be happy with a couple of thousand and then you somehow get a couple of thousand.  Well, just say to yourself, “I’ll be happy with a billion or two.”  Maybe you’ll get millions LOL.]
  • People with money are evil and wicked. <—[Yeah, some are.  But, I know some broke minions that are evil and wicked too. Go figure.]
  • Now that he got money, he think he all that! SMH – Some people don’t need money. <—[No, you just jealous you didn’t get all that money.  #StopHating.  It may come to you too.]
  • You have to be smart to be rich. <—[It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look around see what they can do to fill a void.  Hence, opportunities are abound.  Say to yourself, “Anybody can be rich, including me.”]
  • I didn’t finish high school./I didn’t graduate from college. <—[Do you not know there are a whole lot of people with doctorate degrees working a mediocre government job… some working fast food.  It. Does. Not. Matter.  Being educated in a school is not a prerequisite for being rich or having abundance.  Of course, some would like you to think that.  If they didn’t, who would give them money in the form of tuition payment???  I’m not knocking college… I graduated from college.  I’m just saying it’s not a prerequisite.  If that were the case, there would be no dropouts living life in the fab lane.  Wake up.]
  • I don’t have any rich friends.  Who’s gonna put me on? <—[Uhmmm… you!]
  • Money is the root of all evil. <—[No. Wicked people are the root of all evil.  How many times do I have to say, money is paper.  It has no power.  You have the power.]
  • Rich people are crooks. <—[Oh really?  I see more poor people robbing banks and stealing money than I see rich people doing it.  A crook is a crook.  It has nothing to do with money.  What you “think” about the money is the reason why you are stealing it. SMH.]
  • Money corrupts the soul. <—[No. #Stopit.  Your a$$ was already corrupted before you got money.  Money doesn’t have power.  It’s paper.  You have the power.]

The third step is to practice perspective in every situation.  In other words, change the way you interpret your circumstance, situations, and environments.  Always look for the positive and ignore the negative.  When in the midst of adversity, immediately focus your energy on the positive.  If you can’t do that immediately, be still and lay like broccoli. (“Lay like broccoli”  Remember that line from the movie Pretty Woman w/ Julia Roberts?)  Anyway, one of the universal laws is the law of polarity, which means everything has an opposite.  If something is bad, there is also good in it.  The next storm of life you encounter, remember however you respond to it will dictate the results that will come about.

So those are my 3 easy steps to leap from poverty to prosperity, subconsciously and consciously.  Share this with everyone who know.  When you share wealth, it comes back ten-fold. 😀

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Cheating: Does He (or She) Deserve a 2nd Chance?

today is a great day | Love.  What a powerful 4-letter word, l-o-v-e.  It can make you feel as if you’re on cloud nine.  It can create a heaven out of hell. It’s undoubtedly the epitome of human kindness, compassion, and… what we all crave, affection.  We never know where we’ll find it.  It rears its head in the strangest of places.  Sometimes, it blossoms from unsuspecting sources.  It’s been known to elude some and drown others.

But, one thing is for sure.  Once we find it, we don’t want to let it go.  After all, it made our heart beat a bit faster and put a little pep in our step.  So what should we do when our partner has cheated?  Shattering, tainting, or blemishing that perfect love you once shared.  Does that person deserve a second chance?

I’ve learned you can’t bury your head in the sand and pretend it didn’t happen.  Doing that retains the frame of the relationship, but kills your chances of lasting intimacy. And though it may preserve a lifestyle and financial situation, you’re left feeling empty and lonely on the inside.

If you confront it and forgive your partner, the cheating pattern returns, often with the same person, in different locations or with a new person, in the same location.  Ain’t that some sh*t?  Especially when you find out the person isn’t half the woman or man you are.  (Sorry about that last statement.)  I digress sometimes :-\.

Anyway, some people say, f**k it and leave.  They don’t care about piecing anything together.  But then strangely, they enter into another relationship where the same cheating pattern surfaces again.  Then you start to hear the, “men are dogs”; and, “f**k b*tches, they’re all the same.”

With regard to cheating, here are a few things I learned on my continuous journey of enlightenment:

  • Take some of the blame. It’s not all your partner’s fault.  Think about it… think back.  You put yourself in the situation to begin with, so take responsibility for it.  Be honest with yourself.  Were there warning signs that you chose to disregard?  Did you think he or she would change, once you got them under your spell?  Did you value certain factors like security above happiness?  What about money?  Were you blinded by the almighty dollar and a luxe lifestyle you couldn’t have otherwise provided for yourself?  The point is, did you ignore a truth that slapped you in the face?
  • Our American culture plays a huge part in people cheating on each other.  Everywhere you turn there are images of scantily-clad women and half-naked men, swinging their private parts all over the place.  I said to myself, the media perpetuates infidelity.  Why is it glamorized? I know the answer to this, but to put it lightly, there are some wicked, sick people running this world.  And their motto is to divide and conquer.  A classic strategy to keep the masses at bey and asleep.  When people come together as one, there is impenetrable power.  Can’t let that happen now can we?  And that’s all I’ll say on that.
  • Ladies, don’t bash me when I say this. **holds my shield up so I don’t get stoned** In order to populate the earth, we must reproduce. To do this, men must plant their sperm in the woman’s womb.  So by nature, the man and woman must come together.  It is nature because the man doesn’t even have to be sexually attracted to the woman.  He will always “rise” to the occasion.  This is meant to happen.  This in itself is how we reproduce and populate.  But somewhere along the line, a jealous woman screamed, “Cheater! I hate you!”.  LOL.  (j/k… sorta).  Just think about it.  A man can have sex with 50 different women at the same time and get each one pregnant (50 babies).  A woman, on the other hand,  has sex with 50 different men at the same time, but can only have one baby.  It’s not meant for the woman to sleep around. It’s not in her nature.  It’s not meant for her to do it.  Somewhere along the line, a man screamed, “You hoe! That’s not your job… it’s mine!” LOL (just kidding… sorta)  Men can also have sex with 50 different women and not be emotionally attached.  We, on the other hand, get all wrapped up in our feelings.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think it justifies a man’s infidelity.  A man just has to discipline himself… and make a personal commitment to restrain from his natural duty. (Like that’ll happen! #cantlayblame)  J/k… sorta.  Just imagine if men only stuck with one woman?  Would that serve the greater good? There’s some reason other cultures allow men to have 50 wives.  Moreover, could it be an all-knowing, all-seeing power, that’s so perfect, knew homosexuality, imprisonment, and war fatalities of men would run rampant in the human race.  Is it no wonder the ratio of women to men is 7:1, maybe more?    #justsayin
  • If you choose to give your partner a second chance, you have to approach the problem as a couple.  Doing this empowers the one who has been cheated on and gives him/her a sense of control.  Working together to fix the problem can bring back a sense of certainty or reassurance, which is important when trying to restore trust.
  • Candidly discuss the details of what happened.  I know it’s easy and preferable to keep all the details out, thinking that it will only lead to more problems.  No. No. No.  Concealing the details of the affair leads to lingering questions.  When those questions are not addressed, they will never go away and it’s nearly impossible not to dwell on the incident.  Revealing the truth can be painful, but it is necessary when trying to move forward.

Ultimately, whether or not you want to give your partner a second chance is your choice and yours alone.  The best advice you can get does not come from your friends or family.  It comes from you… that gut feeling we always ignore, so we can listen to someone else who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about.   Your intuition gives you insight.  Listen to it.  It knows what you do not.

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Ted Williams: Are We Missing the Point?

today is a great day | I am one of the millions of people across the world following the fascinating story of the homeless man, with the captivating, succulent, velvety voice.  Joyfully teary-eyed, indeed.  Here you have a well-spoken, educated man who had a promising job, wife, and children; but, fell on hard times.  No remnants of his past glory.  Homeless.  Alcoholic. Crackhead. Thief.   This scraggly man, a vessel of mercy, heralds a heartening message to the world…

This isn’t just “15 minutes of fame.”  This isn’t even about the individual Ted Williams.  Ted Williams represents ALL OF US…  Your next door neighbor who lost his job, fell behind in his mortgage, now on the brink of losing his home.  Your long lost friend that somehow ended up on the street prostituting.  Your friend’s friend that had to go into a shelter with her 5 kids.  The janitor in the building struggling trying to make ends meet to feed his family.  An abused child traveling between foster parents.  The countless Haitians who have been exploited.  Everyone in  the welfare line begrudgingly applying for food stamps and cash assistance.  The oppressed nations.

Could we all be ‘Ted Williams’?  Vying for answers to our problems in a world of limited, altered resources… wondering, “When will the agony end?”  “Has God forgotten me?”  “Is God too busy?”  “Am I praying the right way?”  “Why isn’t God answering me?”  “I need an answer God.  I’ve cried so much, my tear ducts are dry.  I can’t cry anymore.  I’m numb.  Tired of praying.”  “I. Give. Up.”  Indeed, are we ‘Ted Williams’?

After reading an article, by one of my Twitter friends, Alfred Edmond, Jr., entitled, Where’s the Real Help for Ted Williams? I asked myself, “Are we missing the point?”  Personally, I wouldn’t put my focus or energy into these points:

We’re taking Williams’ word for it that he’s been clean for more than two years. How did he achieve this? And what does he mean by clean?

Unless Williams has been regularly drug tested over the past two years, I don’t believe he is credible enough to be taken at his word.

What happens when he becomes frustrated with work or is confronted with the anger and resentment of his children? Or what happens when he gets the urge to relapse with a couple of hundred dollars, not just one or two bucks, in his pocket? Has Williams been equipped with the tools and support system he’ll need to avoid a devastating relapse—one sure to be reported on as aggressively as his phoenix-like rise from homelessness?

Williams has been granted a unique opportunity by virtue of Internet video exposure is a mere stroke of good fortune, nothing more, despite all of the media hype. Whether a true miracle ultimately results depends on what Williams does from here.

I respect everyone’s opinion. Though eloquently written, this just makes me wonder, are some of us missing the point?  If there is the slightest possibility that we are all ‘Ted Williams’ looking for answers, then we will definitely miss what God is glaringly telling our thirsty, apt ears.

So what is the point, you ask?  What is the message I’m talking about?  Whilst I don’t associate myself  with any commercialized denomination per se, I do believe in the power of God and good.  Through this vessel, Ted Williams, God just may be trying to tell you…

My dear children.  Appreciate the life I have given you.  Don’t take it for granted. Be appreciative in all that you can do and all that you have.   Life is an amazing gift… a present that has been given to you everyday.

For you are my children little gods and goddesses.  I know your suffering and your pain.  But like a father, you must be taught through experience.  Just as the land is covered with snow, I can blanket the land with blessings.  But you must first learn that you can not take it for granted.

When I say do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, realize what you put out will come back to you ten-fold.  My universal laws are real and are always at work, with or without you.  To live life in harmony, abundance, and peace, you must know my laws and apply them to your life.  Don’t think your situation can never change.  As in the law of polarity, everything works on a continuum.  There is an opposite to everything.  You can be a the bottom of the barrel, hit rock bottom.  It doesn’t matter because you CAN rise to the top.

Do you think I am a spoof as others would have you to believe?  A ghost in the sky cloaked in a white robe?  That is not me.  That is not how I work.  I work through people and my laws.

When you ask me for earthly riches, I can surely give it to you.  But in that process, you will know what it’s like to be poor.  Material things do not give you happiness and inner peace.  Those things are mere byproducts.  Have you not seen a rich person that is still so sad and depressed?  And you say to yourself, “They have all the money in the world.  Why are they so messed up?”  Stop being fooled my children.

When you ask me for courage, I give you the opportunity to build and strengthen your courage.  When you ask me to remove fear from your heart, I put your greatest fears right in front of you and move you, not around them, but through them.  When you ask me for a loving husband (or wife) who will treat you right, you must first go through the wrong boyfriends (girlfriends).  Why?  So that you’ll know when you have the right one.  You see it all the time, but take no notice of it.  The woman with a good man.  She treats him badly and you say to yourself, “OMG, she treats him like crap and he is a good man.  What is wrong with her?”  Or vice versa.  They are both learning a lesson.

Before I can heal your pain, you must endure it.  Yes, I know you want things when you want it.  But it’s my timing.  I am the Alpha and the Omega.  I see what you do not.

Your trials and tribulations are not punishment.  They are your growth experiences.  So just hold on.

You see this man right here?  Ted Williams is you.  And just as I picked him up and set him on solid ground, I will do the same for you.  Have you forgotten the story of Job?  Lest I remind you?

[Chapt. 8]
6 and if you are pure and live with integrity, he will surely rise up and restore your happy home.
7 And though you started with little, you will end with much.

20 “But look, God will not reject a person of integrity, nor will he lend a hand to the wicked.
21 He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
22 Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, and the home of the wicked will be destroyed.”

Don’t you know I love you so much?  I will never leave you, nor forsake you.  And do you know why?  Because I am within you. You’ve been asking where I am.  Can I hear you.  Yes, I hear you.  I’ve always heard you.  I’ve been speaking to you, but some of you still refuse to shut out the noise and quiet yourself to hear me.  You couldn’t find me because you never thought to look…within.

I won’t put anything on you, you can’t handle, for I am with you always.  You have suffered for years, generation after generation.  I am here, have never left.  Take comfort in me now.  It is because I see and feel your pain and agony I am lifting this man up as my vessel for all to see and believe.  I can change things in the blink of an eye when you are ready.

You’ve been kept in the dark for so long, you couldn’t see your way out. I am waking up everybody.  I AM everlasting and powerful!  How wonderful life can be if you know the TRUTH, for that is the only thing that will set you free.

When I said the dead will arise, did you think I meant dead carcasses will miraculous come out of the grave?  No. I meant you.  The mentally dead… walking zombies.  But no more.

I know you’ve been programmed subliminally. Poisoned your own minds by thinking negatively, helping to create your condition.  Do you not know your thoughts and actions are powerful?!?

No more (mental) sleeping my children. I will see no more self-destruction.  For I am the truth and the light.  I AM the I am within.

It is time for the tail to become the head.  Lest I also remind you of Deuteronomy?

1…thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: 2And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God. 6Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out. 12The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.  13And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath

In my opinion, Ted Williams, a vessel, heralds this heartening message.  In fact, he seems to have Deuteronomy written all over him.  There are billions of people on this earth going through their own personal problems and most are looking for answers, relief, and fortitude.  If we are ‘Ted Williams’, wouldn’t it behoove us to take heed in this message?  The power of God, just may be trying to tell us something.

Is it ironic that Ted is a black man?  I don’t know.  I guess this message could be for any creed or color as it applies, but I must say, “Who has been more oppressed than the black man?”  None-the-less, we all have to wake up.  Don’t get distracted.  There’s a hunting game out here folks, and guess who’s the prey.  With that said, can either one of us afford to miss the point and not get this message?

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What to Do After You’ve Been Fired

today is a great day | I’m going to guess that most of us have lost a job in either one way or another; by being smart and quitting or getting fired.   Your boss tells you, “We no longer require your services.  You’re Fired.  That is all.”  And poof.  Just like that, you’re cleaning out your desk with your face as long as Georgia Avenue.  Teary-eyed, wondering what the hell you’re gonna do.

You will be okay.  Being fired, though you may not see it now, is a blessing in disguise.  I’m sure it’s God’s way of saying, “You know what?  You’ve endured your a$$hole of a boss for long enough.  You’ve slaved for long enough.  You’ve wasted too much time for long enough.  You’ve been focusing on the wrong things for long enough.  And if I don’t move you from this job right now, you’ll continue to block my blessings!”

You’ve been fired.  REJOICE.  You are now FREE.  Free to prosper in your own business.  Do your happy dance.  A new world awaits you with plenty of benefits.

You can now decide your own income.

Contrary to what most people think, working for someone else isn’t the only way to have a sustainable income.  You have options.  I don’t care how much you got paid on your job, no J.O.B. is gonna put you at or on a path to Bill Gates’ level.  None I say.  None.  A job puts you in a state of being (j)ust (o)ver (b)roke.  Granted, there are some jobs that pay millionaire salaries.  Did you have one of those? No?  Well keep reading.

No more indentured servitude.

In the entrepreneurial world, you run into a jacka$$, you can turn around and head the other way.  In the corporate world, you have to say, “Sorry, boss.”  Your boss is your master and you are the slave and you better do what your boss says.  “Yessa Masta”

Did you know the word “boss” originated from the Dutch word “base” which means “master?”  The word ‘boss’ became a convenient moniker for the rising capitalistic equivalent of the corporate figurehead.

Start living like the powerful human being you were meant to be instead of the domesticated pet you were trained to be.

You can now use your time more effectively.

Only a handful of people, on this entire planet, cared how much time you spent at the office.  Do you know why?  Because the only thing that mattered is that you provided something of value.   People pay for the value they receive.  So, income is earned by providing value — not time.  Find a way to provide your best value to others, and charge a fair price for it.

Build systems that generate income 24/7, passive income.  This can include starting a business, building a web site, becoming an investor, or generating royalty income from creative work.   If you need to transition into this less abruptly, seek a job where you’ll be doing something you are really passionate about and then branch out on your own.  The point is do what YOU want to do and spend time increasing your income instead of merely maintaining it.

The initial investment of time and energy will pay you double in freedom.  And of course everything you learn along the way, you can share with others to generate even more value.  Mistakes can even be monetized.

Discover your true value.

Does this scare you?  Do you think you can’t make it on your own because you ‘think’ you may not have any real value to offer others.  Did the firing traumatize you that much?  Did you think being an employee and getting paid by the hour was the best you could do?  Stop that.  Stop that thinking right now!  That line of thinking is from your conditioning.  It’s absolute nonsense.  As you begin to dump such brainwashing, you’ll soon recognize that you have the ability to provide enormous value to others and that people will gladly pay you for it.

You have the courage in you.  It’s obviously dormant right now, but shake it up.  Call it out.  (There’s power in the tongue you know.)  Your real value is rooted in who you are, not what you do.  It’s that I AM within.

Yes, people will in your business.  Doing more worrying than you.  Asking you over and over, “Did you find a job? Did you find a job?  Did you find a job?”   Just reply, “Can you get a life? Can you get a life?  Can you get a life?” and keep steppin’.  You’ll be okay.

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5 Proven Ways to Teach Your Child Entrepreneurship

today is a great day | Have you ever noticed how children are so free-spirited, uninhibited, fearless and creative?  Not only that, they’re like little sponges and the best part is, while they’re young, they do what we tell them.  It’s not until they’ve been polluted with our ways of thinking and our own fears that they begin to lose those priceless qualities.

I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit since before I could walk.  No joke.  Ask anyone that knows me.  They’ll tell you I’m always starting a business or organizing something! LOL.  I don’t mind tooting my own horn because I’m good at what I do, so – Toot! Toot!

I’ve started countless businesses, some great big flops, some successful and many sitting on my mental shelf waiting to be cultivated.  I’m thankful most for all the flops because in those, I learned valuable lessons and shortcuts that led me to many successful endeavors.  I pass what I learn to my children and revel in delight as I watch them grow into successful entrepreneurs.  So here are 5 tips from the countless tips and experiences I’ve had in teaching my children about entrepreneurship.

Tip #1 – Condition your mind first, then condition your child’s mind.  If you don’t already have your own business, get one.  Pronto.  If entrepreneurship isn’t already your way of life, and you can’t really afford to quit your day job, start a side gig.  Talk about it all the time to your child.  Entrepreneurship must be something you believe in and practice before you can teach it to someone else.  Even if you’re not that great at it, your children will see you making that effort and practicing until you get it right, which is a skill you want them to have.  Remember, if you’re not practicing it, trying to teach it to your child would be a “do as I say, not as I do,” and we all know how that turns out.

Tip #2 – Turn their hobby into a business.  Cut out “couch potato” time and turn the television off.  Take away the video games too, unless they’re programming them.  Without these distractions, children are forced to create their own entertainment and tinker with projects.  During this time, observe your children to see what they like to do.  Notice what their hobbies are.  A hobby is the best business because it never feels like work, just fun.

For example, my daughters, Kayla and Mina, loved creating their own jewelry to wear with their outfits, especially Mina. What started out as a hobby, soon became a small profitable business, LaBellaMina.  I’m such a proud Mama!

I admit, they only decided to monetize their hobby after I said NO to buying them a PSP (some silly video game player).  But none-the-less, they have a business that is profitable and has been from day one.  I even took pics that first day (two years ago).  You can see how happy they were, having made so much money their first day of business ($55 in 2 hours).  Kayla even enlisted 1 employee that day! LOL

They have created beautiful pieces that are colorful and vibrant.  I’m amazed at their sense of style and so are others judging from their success at craft shows, neighborhood events and requests from their friends. Here’s a sampling…

I’m going to have them back online soon so be sure to check their jewelry website, http://www.LaBellaMina.com, soon :-).

Tip #3 – Let your child handle their own money. Some of you may be freaking out because I said that, for fear that they’ll somehow lose it. But it’s just that…YOUR fear.  Your fear that they’ll be broke and poor.  Let me break it down.  Being broke and being poor are two totally different circumstances.  Broke is a temporary or momentary lack of funds, in the financial sense.  But being poor is a state of mind on a poverty level.  As long as you are conditioning your child’s mind of abundance and prosperity, it’s okay for them to be broke at times.  They’ll naturally be resilient and pop up with even more money than they had before.

Furthermore, when children handle their own money, they become directly aware of profit, how to make it and how to keep it.  Now, as a child, is the best time for them to make mistakes and learn from them.  Also, let them see you handling your own finances (ie, billing clients, making deposits, paying household expenses, making investments, saving, etc.). Remember, monkey see, monkey do, your child will copy, off of you!

Tip #4 – Have your child repeat and write daily affirmations of success. This is so important because it helps them become mentally strong against other “would be negative teachers”.  I’m sure people mean well, but you have to be careful of school teachers, family members, and just others in general who believe in studying hard in school, to get a good job equates to success.

Don’t let these people “raise” your children with their pre-historic thinking. Jobs are for suckers.  (No pun intended if you have a job, slaving for someone else, making them rich off your hard work.  I’ll give you multiple reasons why no one in their right mind should aspire to get a job in another post. *smiles*)

Remember that movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts?  Loved it!  That scene where Roberts says, “I say WHO, I say WHEN, I say HOW MUCH!” is a perfect example of calling your own shots… well maybe it’s not an appropriate example but you get the point.  Here are some of the affirmations I have my children say everyday:

  • I attract prosperity with all of my ideas.
  • I AM success and I AM victorious.
  • I have the power within me.
  • It takes anywhere between 30-90 days to impress upon the unconscious or “reacting” mind all that you desire and dream. Then it becomes automatic behavior in the conscious or “acting” mind.  Affirmations are the same as doing any type of repetitive exercise to change or learn a new behavior. After you do it so many times, it becomes automatic.  After you say it so many times, you believe it.

    Tip #5 – Travel and explore different cultures with your children. The more your child is exposed to, the more cultural he/she becomes, and the bigger advantage he/she will have.  Plain and simple.

    Giving and passing that entrepreneurial spirit is the best financial gift you can give your child.  I think we forget that children have faith, not wavering faith like adults, for they have the ability to see the invisible and they believe in the incredible.  To them, anything is possible, unless you tell them it isn’t.

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    Shed Pounds of Bullsh!t with a Media Diet

    today is a great day | Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off.  Shower, dress, leave for work and make a quick stop at Starbucks to grab a venti Macchiato with a double shot of espresso and the morning paper.  Ahhhh, caffeine and news.  Great way to start the start the day… reading of murders in the burbs, discombobulated protesters, white collar theft, Haiti’s rising death toll and the media’s never ending barrage of silly Sarah Palin and her family media circus.  (That’s proof alone our society is badly bruised and dysfunctional.)  The media, in my opinion, is a decoy, deception…one big magic trick.

    I’m a casual nomediatarian and proud of it :-).  Let me ‘splain how it works…

    First, media dieting means restraining from all forms of mass communication such as television, newspapers, radio, magazine publishing, and film.  Basically, the goal is to eliminate any form of communication that contains somebody else’s reality or opinion for a set amount of time.  This also includes gossip, so when the office big mouth starts yapping, tell her to zip it.

    Before you start thinking I’m an extremist, I’m not saying to never watch or read another form of media ever again in your life.  I’m simply saying shutting it out for a while allows YOU to decide what to put your attention on.

    Are you appalled I would even suggest such a thing?  You shouldn’t be.  In order to be inwardly attentive, attain a higher state of conscious living, live abundantly, have peace of mind and be happy, you can not let someone influence you to their way of thinking, especially if it’s negative.  Cutting off that high caloric content will shed pounds of bullshit that you never should have digested anyway.

    What is the media? Glad you asked, as if you didn’t know, you shyster you.

    Media is the plural form of medium, or for our purpose of discussion today, the means or agency for communicating or diffusing information, news, and advertisements to the masses.  Did you catch that?  Diffusing.  If my mind serves me right, diffuse means widely spread and diluted.   Diluted is the key word here folks.

    Now let’s do some deductive reasoning and use some common sense.  Unless you live under a rock in the Antarctica, I think we can agree that the media is notoriously known for transmitting diluted information about recent events or happenings be it via newspapers, radio, television or internet. I don’t know about you, but getting something that’s diluted is not worth much to me.

    Every one of us has our own unique reality based on our inner beliefs.  Raw data is filtered by those beliefs or shall I say distorted.  So not only is the news diluted, but it’s also mixed with other peoples’ opinions and beliefs.  Then it’s passed off as news or factual content that we’re supposed to think is truth!

    Here’s a perfect example: Take the holy bible for instance.  It’s called The King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Version?  A version is not only a translation but is a description or account from one point of view, especially as opposed to another; or, a particular form or variation.  I’m not making this up.  Look it up for yourself.

    So now we understand version.  Well, who is King James and why is it his version?  What kind of man was he?  What were his beliefs?  Was he a good or bad person?  Did he have my best interest at heart?  If it’s truth and truth alone, why wasn’t it just called The Bible of Truth?  Personally, I wouldn’t want anybody’s version.  Just give me the truth, the raw data, and I’ll filter it myself.

    Now before I get a lot of emails from die hard Christian fans, let me just say I believe there to be a lot of truth in the bible.  It’s just hidden behind all those metaphors.  As for King James, whom I don’t know, I would have been happier with Rick James’ version…at least I liked his music.

    Notice the tremendous power of suggestion in that example?  More specifically, heterosuggestion, or suggestions from another person or group.  Throughout the ages, all over the world, the power of suggestion has been a dominant factor in the thoughts of human beings.  This is how political creeds and religious beliefs flourish and perpetuate itself.

    Suggestion can be used as a tool to discipline and control.  Sometimes, that’s not a bad thing.  It is bad when it’s used to take control and command over people who have not been taught to understand how the mind works because it can result in enduring patterns of misery, failure, suffering sickness and disaster.

    I’m always mindful of what goes into mass media.  I like to think of it like a recipe that averages about 6,500 calories per serving.  Last I checked, 3,500 calories = 1 pound :-\.

    Media Recipe
    1 cup truth
    1 pinch of confectionary sugar (to sweeten and sugar coat)
    ½ cup of falsehood (to persuade)

    These ingredients make for a good story that is sure to grab the attention of the masses and suck them in.  Just think about it.  Step back and notice how people or places are portrayed.  How do you know it to be true?  Do you know these people?  Have you ever been to these places?  How do you know it to be true, except for what somebody else has told you?  Do you even know the person that told you or is telling the story?  Before I jump on the bandwagon, I ask myself these questions.

    We live in a society that’s ‘socially conditioned’ but I have a right, you have a right, to choose what to think and believe.

    Television, internet, newspapers, magazines, books, movies and radio are the most common outlets for the media.  These outlets are our feeding spoons.  Let’s briefly take a look at what food are on these spoons.

    Television – Subliminal images seeps into your subconscious.  And it’s not just the news you should be concerned about, it’s your favorite shows too.  For example, the shows of a violent nature depicting people robbing banks and killing.  Sometimes it’s even glamorized.  What do you think that is subliminally telling you?  What is it subtly persuading you to do?  What is it highlighting?  These subliminal images are meant to seek into your subconscious and make mindless minions out of those who digest it.

    Internet – is another powerful outlet.  (Using it to read my blog is okay though :D)  Why do you think they call it the world wide web?  Web should ring a bell.  What do spiders do when they want to catch their prey?  They weave a web to catch them.  Now do you see why it’s called the world wide web?  How many people do you know who have fallen prey to something “web” related?

    Newspapers/Magazines/Books, etc. – print media.  Everyday, when you pick up the paper or printed media, dozens of stories are published that could sow the seeds of fear, worry, lack or impending doom and gloom.  If you accept these seeds, they will become your thoughts.  Your thoughts, with any congruent inner beliefs, are manifested.  Now there are some published materials that are positive and nutritionally rich but overall, would you say the good outweighs the bad or vice versa?

    Radio – Everyone loves music.  Beats and sound can penetrate the very core of our souls.  The vibrations can be radiating.  Now just imagine that kind of impress with derogatory or negative lyrics.  That’s one sure way to impressing the mind quickly.  Let’s be real.  You’ve blasted some music with sexy lyrics that has put you in a sexy or sultry mood.  Or what about some thug music that makes you feel like you can go f%#k a son-of-a-b up.

    So you might be saying what am I suppose to do…resort to an Amish lifestyle?  No, you don’t have to be that extreme. But, if you want to rise above the worldly affairs and grow and develop into your full potential, I strongly heterosuggest you go on a media diet.  Your subconscious mind absorbs EVERYTHING and files it into your storehouse of information called that little head of yours.

    Be careful what you let seep into your mind.  Our mind is our most powerful gift from God.  The best things in life ARE FREE.  Don’t let someone convince you otherwise.  After all, if no one convinced you the best things are high-priced, then no one could sell anything to anyone.

    Personally, I go on a media diet sometimes because I want to fulfill my life purpose.  In fulfilling that purpose, I don’t want to struggle, suffer or subject myself to the dismal realities of others.  I have my own issues.

    Final Thought
    You won’t miss anything by NOT digesting the media.  In fact, you’ll be better off.  Think of it this way, watching all that stuff won’t make you any smarter or dumber than you already are.

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