Shed Pounds of Bullsh!t with a Media Diet

today is a great day | Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off.  Shower, dress, leave for work and make a quick stop at Starbucks to grab a venti Macchiato with a double shot of espresso and the morning paper.  Ahhhh, caffeine and news.  Great way to start the start the day… reading of murders in the burbs, discombobulated protesters, white collar theft, Haiti’s rising death toll and the media’s never ending barrage of silly Sarah Palin and her family media circus.  (That’s proof alone our society is badly bruised and dysfunctional.)  The media, in my opinion, is a decoy, deception…one big magic trick.

I’m a casual nomediatarian and proud of it :-).  Let me ‘splain how it works…

First, media dieting means restraining from all forms of mass communication such as television, newspapers, radio, magazine publishing, and film.  Basically, the goal is to eliminate any form of communication that contains somebody else’s reality or opinion for a set amount of time.  This also includes gossip, so when the office big mouth starts yapping, tell her to zip it.

Before you start thinking I’m an extremist, I’m not saying to never watch or read another form of media ever again in your life.  I’m simply saying shutting it out for a while allows YOU to decide what to put your attention on.

Are you appalled I would even suggest such a thing?  You shouldn’t be.  In order to be inwardly attentive, attain a higher state of conscious living, live abundantly, have peace of mind and be happy, you can not let someone influence you to their way of thinking, especially if it’s negative.  Cutting off that high caloric content will shed pounds of bullshit that you never should have digested anyway.

What is the media? Glad you asked, as if you didn’t know, you shyster you.

Media is the plural form of medium, or for our purpose of discussion today, the means or agency for communicating or diffusing information, news, and advertisements to the masses.  Did you catch that?  Diffusing.  If my mind serves me right, diffuse means widely spread and diluted.   Diluted is the key word here folks.

Now let’s do some deductive reasoning and use some common sense.  Unless you live under a rock in the Antarctica, I think we can agree that the media is notoriously known for transmitting diluted information about recent events or happenings be it via newspapers, radio, television or internet. I don’t know about you, but getting something that’s diluted is not worth much to me.

Every one of us has our own unique reality based on our inner beliefs.  Raw data is filtered by those beliefs or shall I say distorted.  So not only is the news diluted, but it’s also mixed with other peoples’ opinions and beliefs.  Then it’s passed off as news or factual content that we’re supposed to think is truth!

Here’s a perfect example: Take the holy bible for instance.  It’s called The King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Version?  A version is not only a translation but is a description or account from one point of view, especially as opposed to another; or, a particular form or variation.  I’m not making this up.  Look it up for yourself.

So now we understand version.  Well, who is King James and why is it his version?  What kind of man was he?  What were his beliefs?  Was he a good or bad person?  Did he have my best interest at heart?  If it’s truth and truth alone, why wasn’t it just called The Bible of Truth?  Personally, I wouldn’t want anybody’s version.  Just give me the truth, the raw data, and I’ll filter it myself.

Now before I get a lot of emails from die hard Christian fans, let me just say I believe there to be a lot of truth in the bible.  It’s just hidden behind all those metaphors.  As for King James, whom I don’t know, I would have been happier with Rick James’ version…at least I liked his music.

Notice the tremendous power of suggestion in that example?  More specifically, heterosuggestion, or suggestions from another person or group.  Throughout the ages, all over the world, the power of suggestion has been a dominant factor in the thoughts of human beings.  This is how political creeds and religious beliefs flourish and perpetuate itself.

Suggestion can be used as a tool to discipline and control.  Sometimes, that’s not a bad thing.  It is bad when it’s used to take control and command over people who have not been taught to understand how the mind works because it can result in enduring patterns of misery, failure, suffering sickness and disaster.

I’m always mindful of what goes into mass media.  I like to think of it like a recipe that averages about 6,500 calories per serving.  Last I checked, 3,500 calories = 1 pound :-\.

Media Recipe
1 cup truth
1 pinch of confectionary sugar (to sweeten and sugar coat)
½ cup of falsehood (to persuade)

These ingredients make for a good story that is sure to grab the attention of the masses and suck them in.  Just think about it.  Step back and notice how people or places are portrayed.  How do you know it to be true?  Do you know these people?  Have you ever been to these places?  How do you know it to be true, except for what somebody else has told you?  Do you even know the person that told you or is telling the story?  Before I jump on the bandwagon, I ask myself these questions.

We live in a society that’s ‘socially conditioned’ but I have a right, you have a right, to choose what to think and believe.

Television, internet, newspapers, magazines, books, movies and radio are the most common outlets for the media.  These outlets are our feeding spoons.  Let’s briefly take a look at what food are on these spoons.

Television – Subliminal images seeps into your subconscious.  And it’s not just the news you should be concerned about, it’s your favorite shows too.  For example, the shows of a violent nature depicting people robbing banks and killing.  Sometimes it’s even glamorized.  What do you think that is subliminally telling you?  What is it subtly persuading you to do?  What is it highlighting?  These subliminal images are meant to seek into your subconscious and make mindless minions out of those who digest it.

Internet – is another powerful outlet.  (Using it to read my blog is okay though :D)  Why do you think they call it the world wide web?  Web should ring a bell.  What do spiders do when they want to catch their prey?  They weave a web to catch them.  Now do you see why it’s called the world wide web?  How many people do you know who have fallen prey to something “web” related?

Newspapers/Magazines/Books, etc. – print media.  Everyday, when you pick up the paper or printed media, dozens of stories are published that could sow the seeds of fear, worry, lack or impending doom and gloom.  If you accept these seeds, they will become your thoughts.  Your thoughts, with any congruent inner beliefs, are manifested.  Now there are some published materials that are positive and nutritionally rich but overall, would you say the good outweighs the bad or vice versa?

Radio – Everyone loves music.  Beats and sound can penetrate the very core of our souls.  The vibrations can be radiating.  Now just imagine that kind of impress with derogatory or negative lyrics.  That’s one sure way to impressing the mind quickly.  Let’s be real.  You’ve blasted some music with sexy lyrics that has put you in a sexy or sultry mood.  Or what about some thug music that makes you feel like you can go f%#k a son-of-a-b up.

So you might be saying what am I suppose to do…resort to an Amish lifestyle?  No, you don’t have to be that extreme. But, if you want to rise above the worldly affairs and grow and develop into your full potential, I strongly heterosuggest you go on a media diet.  Your subconscious mind absorbs EVERYTHING and files it into your storehouse of information called that little head of yours.

Be careful what you let seep into your mind.  Our mind is our most powerful gift from God.  The best things in life ARE FREE.  Don’t let someone convince you otherwise.  After all, if no one convinced you the best things are high-priced, then no one could sell anything to anyone.

Personally, I go on a media diet sometimes because I want to fulfill my life purpose.  In fulfilling that purpose, I don’t want to struggle, suffer or subject myself to the dismal realities of others.  I have my own issues.

Final Thought
You won’t miss anything by NOT digesting the media.  In fact, you’ll be better off.  Think of it this way, watching all that stuff won’t make you any smarter or dumber than you already are.

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7 Responses

  1. Girl, UDC Communications Department tuaght you something. 🙂 This is a very insigtful way to look at the the infulence of media. Altought, those of us who have taken communications class, are intorduced to these concept, this is a great reminder. Thanks for the insight Lynn, SPEAK ON my Soror!

  2. I love this!!! I could have written it myself. People laugh at me when I say I don’t watch the news, read the paper or listen to the radio. I usually get a one-liner headlines from facebook statuses, which is all I need. I’m actually happy to know that I’m not alone on the media-diet!!!!!

  3. Wow
    What a wonderful blog.
    Way to go Lynn.
    Got anything on men that act like little kids when their mom is around 🙂

    • Thanks so much Tomicula!!! 😀 Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss anything. And yes, I know about that all too well, so that will definitely be a post, sooner than later now that you requested it :). I’m actually working on a new post right now, that I’ll post in the morning. Its controversial, so I’m sure it will stir alot of people up, but that’s okay to lol. I’ll be publicizing new posts on my facebook page, as well as on Twitter, but subscribe in case you miss it. Thanks Doll!!!!! P.S. – I got so much stuff in my head and, especially on MEN, can’t wait to let it out!!!! LOL

  4. I understand what you are saying and at times I can say I feel the same way, but without people paying attention to media we wouldn’t have our first black President. Due to the media sparking debates, it inspired a nation to want change. Also, thanks to the amber alert half the children being abducted wouldn’t be found and some vicious crimes wouldn’t be solved. And, as much as they maybe lying about the war there are still humans dying over there, and families want to hear about there soldiers fighiting in that war. So media will always play a role in everyone lives in order to exist in society. Great post!!! See even it served its purpose to spark debate:-)

    • Thanks for the comment Tiffany! To my other readers, what do you guys think about that? With regard to the amber alert helping to find missing persons, the media is beneficial. But, I think we need to retract from the media every once in a while to keep from being led what to think on so many other levels…

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