What to Do After You’ve Been Fired

today is a great day | I’m going to guess that most of us have lost a job in either one way or another; by being smart and quitting or getting fired.   Your boss tells you, “We no longer require your services.  You’re Fired.  That is all.”  And poof.  Just like that, you’re cleaning out your desk with your face as long as Georgia Avenue.  Teary-eyed, wondering what the hell you’re gonna do.

You will be okay.  Being fired, though you may not see it now, is a blessing in disguise.  I’m sure it’s God’s way of saying, “You know what?  You’ve endured your a$$hole of a boss for long enough.  You’ve slaved for long enough.  You’ve wasted too much time for long enough.  You’ve been focusing on the wrong things for long enough.  And if I don’t move you from this job right now, you’ll continue to block my blessings!”

You’ve been fired.  REJOICE.  You are now FREE.  Free to prosper in your own business.  Do your happy dance.  A new world awaits you with plenty of benefits.

You can now decide your own income.

Contrary to what most people think, working for someone else isn’t the only way to have a sustainable income.  You have options.  I don’t care how much you got paid on your job, no J.O.B. is gonna put you at or on a path to Bill Gates’ level.  None I say.  None.  A job puts you in a state of being (j)ust (o)ver (b)roke.  Granted, there are some jobs that pay millionaire salaries.  Did you have one of those? No?  Well keep reading.

No more indentured servitude.

In the entrepreneurial world, you run into a jacka$$, you can turn around and head the other way.  In the corporate world, you have to say, “Sorry, boss.”  Your boss is your master and you are the slave and you better do what your boss says.  “Yessa Masta”

Did you know the word “boss” originated from the Dutch word “base” which means “master?”  The word ‘boss’ became a convenient moniker for the rising capitalistic equivalent of the corporate figurehead.

Start living like the powerful human being you were meant to be instead of the domesticated pet you were trained to be.

You can now use your time more effectively.

Only a handful of people, on this entire planet, cared how much time you spent at the office.  Do you know why?  Because the only thing that mattered is that you provided something of value.   People pay for the value they receive.  So, income is earned by providing value — not time.  Find a way to provide your best value to others, and charge a fair price for it.

Build systems that generate income 24/7, passive income.  This can include starting a business, building a web site, becoming an investor, or generating royalty income from creative work.   If you need to transition into this less abruptly, seek a job where you’ll be doing something you are really passionate about and then branch out on your own.  The point is do what YOU want to do and spend time increasing your income instead of merely maintaining it.

The initial investment of time and energy will pay you double in freedom.  And of course everything you learn along the way, you can share with others to generate even more value.  Mistakes can even be monetized.

Discover your true value.

Does this scare you?  Do you think you can’t make it on your own because you ‘think’ you may not have any real value to offer others.  Did the firing traumatize you that much?  Did you think being an employee and getting paid by the hour was the best you could do?  Stop that.  Stop that thinking right now!  That line of thinking is from your conditioning.  It’s absolute nonsense.  As you begin to dump such brainwashing, you’ll soon recognize that you have the ability to provide enormous value to others and that people will gladly pay you for it.

You have the courage in you.  It’s obviously dormant right now, but shake it up.  Call it out.  (There’s power in the tongue you know.)  Your real value is rooted in who you are, not what you do.  It’s that I AM within.

Yes, people will in your business.  Doing more worrying than you.  Asking you over and over, “Did you find a job? Did you find a job?  Did you find a job?”   Just reply, “Can you get a life? Can you get a life?  Can you get a life?” and keep steppin’.  You’ll be okay.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lynn Kimble. Lynn Kimble said: Know anyone in the dumps about being fired? Share my recent post with them from my blog—>What to Do After You've … http://wp.me/p1gMga-10 […]

  2. This article is sooooo on point! When I left my job, there were so many people calling just to be nosey and often asking personal questions, hoping for juicy gossip to give back to my former co-workers. Once they saw me doing better than ever, the calls stopped and I continued to grow. I am happy I did not get lost in their pessimistic comments about how traumatized I should be. You are also right about it being a blessing in disguise. I am the happiest I have ever been!

    • That is wonderful Nikki!!!! Most people can’t fathom the thought of not having a job, which is why I wanted to write this post. Hopefully it will help someone or confirm what they believe in their heart. Keep reading, I’ll keep cleaning out my “brain garage” lol… Oh, don’t forget to share with others! 🙂

  3. Dearie, you are so right. My husband is out of job right now, I will have him read this. Thanks so much. When you get a chance, please stop by my blog.


  4. LOL I love the “Can you get a life?” Perfect!

  5. Nicely done. A WHOLE lotta words, but some nicely turned nuggets. Keep on dropping that knowledge! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great advice! i am passing this on to my daughter!!!! Good luck to you:) I always say things happen for a reason.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for reading and commenting! So glad you found the information useful and definitely pass it on. Things do happen for a reason. People forget, I guess for being programmed so long, that a job is “A” way for income, not “THE” only way LOL…

      • Just heard from my daughter who read your blog. She loved it! I am hoping she takes your information and runs with it! Thanks again:)

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