When an Office Romance is Over…

today is a great day | I liken office romance to spring time. Pussy willows greet our spring-starved eyes.  Our magnolia trees envelop our fragrant, pinkish-white blooms.  And what woman doesn’t like the thrill of a daffodil as it protrudes… with petals of course :).  A wink here, a wink there, and a little flirty flirt seems harmless, right?  Not to mention, since we’re floating on cloud 9, we’re actually happy to go to work and are even more productive.

Most people spend a third or more of their lives in the office or other places of work.  Is it any wonder office romance is rampant?  After all, it’s a non-threatening environment where we have an opportunity to meet potential dating partners.  Unlike a club, you don’t have to rely on first impressions, and, we all know folks can be a wee bit dishonest online.  In an office environment, you see the person every day and you can really get to know them.  So an office romance would be perfect, right?  Wrong!

Based on personal experience, I could easily sum this post up in one to two words: AWKWARD – QUIT.

I learned this lesson in my mid teens.  I used to work in the grocery store, replenishing the salad bar.  ‘He’ worked in the produce department, drove a Mercedes, and wore custom clothing on his days off.  He was fine.  And he had his eye on me.  For about 3 weeks, we flirted with each other.  Boy did I love going to work.  I would spend an inordinate amount of time laying out my outfit and coordinating the perfect accessories, and slathering my body with love potions and lotions.  Yes, it was that serious cuz that man’s swag was on point.

Then one day, he asked me out after work.  It was on and poppin’.  The next few weeks blossomed into a beautiful romance.  Then, it gradually started to fade.  I would go to work mad because the night before, we argued on the phone.  The roses I was once surprised with 3 times a week, all of a sudden stopped.  The text messages were not returned.  The winks and “accidental brush-ups behind me” were now being directed to the new girl on the register.   Not sure if my mind was playing tricks on me but I felt like everyone on the job knew of our romance.

Just like that, it was over.  No remnants.  I couldn’t stand him.  His swag seemed to turn to flab.  His confidence turned to arrogance.  What could I do?  He was closer with the manager than I was, so I couldn’t tell on him.  I was pissed.  Suddenly, working at the grocery store was unbearable… so I quit.  (Thank goodness it was just a lil summer job.  I could quit with no problem, as I was just a teen with absolutely no bills.)

So many people treat their jobs as their primary social outlet.  They hang out with the same people working in the same field.  Such incestuous relations are inevitably social dead ends.  In my opinion, office romance is just a recipe for disaster.

This YouTube video will shed some light on an office romance gone bad.  If not, it’s sure to give you a laugh…

Think twice before you go all goo goo ga ga over that fine specimen of a man/woman called your boss or co-worker.  Oh, and that goes for the janitor too!

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  1. Yup. Did this once and it was an Epic Fail. the Man in question was my boss. He had moved up from a different town and went back on his days off. Felt tlike a total idiot when one nite on my nite off in a pub while he was there there was a girl that he was all over. Turned out it was his girlfriend and she had come to visit. Yeah. Made his life a livving hell after that. And I then also learnt my lesson of keeping romance out of the workplace.

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